Triathlon 2017

Official Transport Reservation Form / ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam

14 - 17 September 2017

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  • * Prices are one-way and excluding VAT 21%.
  • * Reservations/bookings can be made until the 4th September 2017.
  • * Reservations/bookings can be cancelled until the 4th September 2017, no refunds will be given after this date.
  • * A wheelchair accessible coach includes room for 6 wheelchairs and 42 regular seats. Please be advised that a wheelchair accessible coach is used for athletes who have to get into the bus while sitting in their wheelchair. If your federation includes wheelchair athletes who can get into the bus without their wheelchairs, we advise you to select a mini-coach or a regular coach.
  • * Please be advised that a luggage trailer is recommended when you book a mini-coach, since a mini-coach does not have sufficient luggage room. A wheelchair accessible coach or a regular coach has more luggage room.
  • * Transport reservation will only be confirmed after payment is received by bank transfer. Payment is due within 5 working days once you have received the invoice from us.